Wyoming Writing Project

This summer I’m lucky enough to be a Summer Scholar with the Wyoming Writing Project. What was originally an inquiry project and professional writing piece for the WWP has evolved into this blog, so it’s only fair the project gets a little attention.


Here’s the description of the project ripped right off their own website:

The Wyoming Writing Project is a local site of the National Writing Project.  Our mission is to support teachers as writers and teachers of writing.  Each year Writing Project sites conduct a three-week intensive Invitational Summer Institute.  This Institute (ISI) is traditionally face-to-face contact with invited master teachers called Summer Scholars. The Summer Scholars work on their own personal and professional writing, conduct an inquiry project into instructional practices, and prepare for leadership in their schools and communities.  At the end of the ISI Summer Scholars are Teacher Consultants poised to support teachers in writing in classrooms.

Be sure to check out their brochure if you want more information.

In my own words, the WWP is hands down the best professional development I’ve ever attended. In the past, I always found myself lagging or my mind wandering a few hours into a PD session, regardless of quality. There is never a dull moment. We cry a few times a day and laugh a lot more! It’s also amazing to have time to focus on myself as both a teacher and a writer.

This program helped me fully understand the role of writing in the classroom, gave me tools to be a better teacher-writer, and emphasized the importance of writing in my own life. Anyone who has the chance to participate definitely should!


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